Linnea (ladypenguin) wrote in digitalghosts,

Yay! Art!

I've done a LOT of different things over the past few weeks (yay productivity!) and have gotten in the habit of just posting them to my art blog. The sad thing of my blog is that I've had to disable non-member comments due to the alarming amount of spam I've been receiving. So, because I love comments and critiques, I have decided to spread the love around!
This first is just a quick sketch done with the facebook application: Graffiti.

Sadly, LJ decided it doesn't want to show the whole thing, but it can be found here!

"She Rules"
Based on a sketch I did AGES ago. I changed it up a lot, but I really loved the regal pose :)

Just a colored version of a sketch started on my way home from SLO. It's based around the characters I created for a short comic a while back... I'll post the comic, if I ever finish it - it's about a young boy who believes that he and his penguin Pudge can fly.

This is just a revisit of an older illustration I did a while back.
I made this Illustrator copy so that it could be viewed at any size (which is handy)
also, this design is up for scoring on!

As the type at the side says, this is a Tooth Fairy as seen in Hellboy II. They're oddly adorable (in my opinion) and highly destructive, called Tooth Fairies because they eat calcium and are known to "go for the teeth" first!
This is a simple turnaround - drawn up as a modeling aide.

Tooth Fairy! This is the first pass of the model as seen in Maya. I hope to begin texturing him later this week :)


That's all for now, but there shall be more to come!
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Most f-ingly epic graffiti sketch ever! I never cease to be amazed by artists. Like how did you you know to use blue in the nose? THAT'S AWESOME.



Yeah, anyway, yay for posting! Thanks for letting us know what you've been up to. And hooray for toothfairies!
sweet stuff :D you just modeling that for fun?
umm.. not really for fun, but to keep myself in good modeling shape :)
It feels really good to be working on projects again!
Maaan, I totally miss Buddy. D: I remember when you first got him. And now he's all grizzled and deaf. <3