Grantius (grantisu) wrote in digitalghosts,

The Pseudo-Monthly "This Community Ain't Dead Yet" Post

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Whoa, where was that first one taken???
awesome, I'll definitely have to check that out
You might want to call ahead before you go: most of the hiking trails were closed due to fire damage when I was there. Also, bring binoculars so you can see the whales better than I did. :)
cool, thanks!
the lighting of that third photo is absolutely awesome.. I'm curious to know what the light source is behind those trees, it's so bright!
It's just a normal incandescent light on a dark night. It'd look a lot dimmer if the moon were out. :)
OH MAN, I love the second and third!!
What? What's wrong with the first one?! :P
Wow dude, you've gotten a lot better. Love the leaf.
wow, that water color is amazing. Love the night shot, of course.