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DomWar Concepting

Hey all,
I'm posting again, isn't it amazing?
So, I've been working lately on my concept for Dominance War IV (an online character competition)
Her name (tentatively) is Zyphire, and she is an amazonian Wasp, Stalker class. I'm still working out the details, but her weapon will somewhat resemble the stinger of a wasp (which is in fact barbed on the ends and quite scary-looking) and will be either a hand-held gauntlet style weapon or a long-range glaive (because I have a weird love for glaives). The weapon will basically have the added affect of, very much like a wasps sting, spreading a poison throughout an enemy's system, slowing and weakening them (unfortunately ineffective against the machine race).
While I have the generalities nailed down, I'm still working out her silhouette and coloring. Thus, I have thumbnails to show!
any suggestions or comments would be awesomely helpful :)

my blog also has my original concept piece which I'm building off of for this, as well as other work that I have yet to post up here... mainly coz it gets tiring to post everything three times :)
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