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Yay! Art! [02 Feb 2010|11:34am]

I've done a LOT of different things over the past few weeks (yay productivity!) and have gotten in the habit of just posting them to my art blog. The sad thing of my blog is that I've had to disable non-member comments due to the alarming amount of spam I've been receiving. So, because I love comments and critiques, I have decided to spread the love around!
This first is just a quick sketch done with the facebook application: Graffiti.

Sadly, LJ decided it doesn't want to show the whole thing, but it can be found here!

more behind the cut!!Collapse ) 

That's all for now, but there shall be more to come!
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[30 Nov 2009|12:17pm]

I have found one cool 2D animation video. How do u think is it really made without any 3D soft?
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I made a drawling [22 Sep 2009|09:56pm]

"poison what? lol"
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One Million Giraffes [13 Jun 2009|11:44am]


Quote from onemilliongiraffes.com:

"My friend, Jørgen, doesn't believe I can collect one million hand drawn giraffes by 2011."
...which is reason enough to draw a giraffe for me.

This is what a snake eating a giraffe would look like.Collapse )

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The Pseudo-Monthly "This Community Ain't Dead Yet" Post [15 May 2009|02:17pm]


Random pictures from random places.Collapse )

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DomWar Concepting [05 Apr 2009|06:03pm]

Hey all,
I'm posting again, isn't it amazing?
So, I've been working lately on my concept for Dominance War IV (an online character competition)
Her name (tentatively) is Zyphire, and she is an amazonian Wasp, Stalker class. I'm still working out the details, but her weapon will somewhat resemble the stinger of a wasp (which is in fact barbed on the ends and quite scary-looking) and will be either a hand-held gauntlet style weapon or a long-range glaive (because I have a weird love for glaives). The weapon will basically have the added affect of, very much like a wasps sting, spreading a poison throughout an enemy's system, slowing and weakening them (unfortunately ineffective against the machine race).
While I have the generalities nailed down, I'm still working out her silhouette and coloring. Thus, I have thumbnails to show!
any suggestions or comments would be awesomely helpful :)

my blog also has my original concept piece which I'm building off of for this, as well as other work that I have yet to post up here... mainly coz it gets tiring to post everything three times :)
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Character Ref Sheets = DONE [09 Mar 2009|02:56pm]

I worked a really long time on the text for these. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.


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Tegaki dump [26 Feb 2009|03:27am]

I go through these cycles of obsession and oblivion with tegaki...

not having pressure sensitivity sucks!Collapse )
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[25 Feb 2009|02:23am]

Oh magnificent tree...how I love theeCollapse )
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Peer pressure! [12 Feb 2009|11:40pm]

Well, everyone else seems to be doing it, so here we go. Photoshop of a character I'm writing about for fanfic.

Sweet, sweet, verdigrisian goodnessCollapse )
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[12 Feb 2009|11:22pm]

Because Marisa wants me to? Why do works in progress always look SO MUCH better than final art? q______q

OK. Just to clarify...this is for selling purposes only! I'm trying to stay away from anime stuff in general though! I promise!!

works in progress!Collapse )
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FWHAM! [12 Feb 2009|02:58am]

[ mood | why am i still awake...? ]

Poor Joe the zombie. He's been disarmed. *is shot for bad punning*


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Not dead [10 Feb 2009|04:46pm]

[ mood | So Hannah's bitchmonkey ]


Werewolves. So much cooler than vampires. >:) (There I just gave the community a topic. Vampires vs. Werewolves vs. Zombies. FIGHT!)

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[10 Feb 2009|03:26pm]

Don't let this community die! People, go forth and create! (I'm such a hypocrite. D=)
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Baby, don't fear the reaper [21 Aug 2008|11:32am]

I thought I should learn how to speedpaint to increase my efficiency. I take forever to make anything and it never looks finished, so I thought I'd try to give myself a 2.5 hour time limit to try and make something coherent. 7 hours later...

A digital painter, I am notCollapse )
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Hooray! [05 Aug 2008|10:26am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Thanks to everyone who participated in our rather impromptu, rather disorganized Doodle Day! I really hope that you feel encouraged to keep posting your work, no matter how incomplete. Because, quite frankly, I love seeing all your art. Whether it's pencil scribbles, snapshots, or highly refined digital painting (*coughcoughHannahcough*)


In other news, I made another character sheet for that original character battle mentioned in previous posts. He's an old character from the dark ages, but I figured since I've started doing these character profiles it was appropriate to bring him out of retirement. serentiyveritas is probably the only person in this community who might appreciate the not-so-triumphant return of James Alexander Randolph...

Ambiguity!Collapse )

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Belated Doodle Day Post [03 Aug 2008|10:54am]

Delayed DoodlesCollapse )
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Doodlefest [02 Aug 2008|01:05am]

I love following photoshop tutorials! I'm going to mess around with this one some more when I have time!

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Doodle Day [01 Aug 2008|11:12pm]

[ mood | =D ]

This was a really fun idea! aha, I had to go and specifically doodle stuff for today b/c I haven't drawn since uhhh...o_O;
Yay for prompted productivity~

some hands and girlsCollapse )

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character doodle - valkyrie [01 Aug 2008|02:08pm]

yay! I am joining in teh doodling!
just a quick one, really... I did about five 1minute thumbnails then chose one and made a sketchy sketch.. done in a 01 micron pen, whiteout, and a gray prisma pen.
I'd been considering doing this type of character if I decide to take the maya character modeling class again, but, I might also try to find something a bit more chalenging,... dunno.
anyways! on to the sketch!Collapse )
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